KP Typing Tutor 6.8

KP Typing Tutor 6.8: Easy interfaces assisting you to learn to type as soon as possible. typing course, sentences, or longer text. An on-screen keyboard and L-R hands, highlights the key and finger to be used. A typing game is for fun break. All practice contents are adjustable. KP Typing Tutor supports Dvorak keyboard layouts (Dvorak, Left Single-handed Dvorak and Right Single-handed Dvorak) with special typing courses. With its user management, course management and keyboard management, KP Typing Tutor is an ideal typing tutor for

Catchysoft Typing Tutor 1.9: Master touch typing in five days.
Catchysoft Typing Tutor 1.9

This software will help you master touch typing in the shortest time. If you already have any typing skills you can improve your speed and accuracy of typing. Catchysoft Typing Tutor can also test your typing skills and detect your average typing speed.

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AutoTyping Pro Edition 2.0: The Easiest Way to Speed Up Typing And Avoid Spelling Errors
AutoTyping Pro Edition 2.0

Typing and Avoid Spelling Errors. AutoTyping speeds up your typing by display suggested words and phrases in a pop-up list window. You only need to input part of the word or phrase, all connected words and phrases are listed for you to select. With one click or even a single keystroke, you choose the word or phrase you want and AutoTyping will complete the word or phrase for you. Speed up your typing without any hard training. It is impossible to

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MaxType PRO Typing Tutor 3.0.0: Learn to touch-type and increase typing speed in a quick and effective way!
MaxType PRO Typing Tutor 3.0.0

typing speed in quick and effective way! Multifunctional typing tutor has special features which allow you to test and develop your typing skills from the basic level to a professional one in minimal time. Innovative features: 6 different typing modes, visualized statistics, daily and weekly reports, advanced recommendations system, learning time control system, built-in exercise library, personalized exercises and automatic suggestion of best typing

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10 Finger BreakOut - Free Typing Game 6.3: Learn to type with this free typing game - typing tutor !
10 Finger BreakOut - Free Typing Game 6.3

10 Finger BreakOut is a REAL arcade game, in which you are escaping from invaders, shooting and trying to hit balls. This is no fake - you are playing BreakOut ! (You are not just typing characters). With this free typing game you WILL have fun, but don`t worry, by playing 10 Finger BreakOut you sure will be learning to type. Improve your typing skills with this free typing tutor - typing game !

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Typing Test TQ - Free Typing Test 6.3: Test your typing speed with this free typing test
Typing Test TQ - Free Typing Test 6.3

Test your typing speed with this free typing test software. - How fast can you type ? - How many words per minute ( wpm ) can you make ? - Is your typing accuracy good enough ? - Improve your typing skills with this free typing tutor !

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Typing Buddy 1.55: Main purpose of Typing Buddy is to enable you to type less and write more!
Typing Buddy 1.55

Typing Buddy is to enable you to type less and write more!Writing emails,articles,even books can be much easier and faster if you can skip typing common phrases all the time.Beside that Typing Buddy can also be used to launch your programs,files,folders or even web pages from anywhere in no time.All you have to do is to assign short string(trigger) to any of above actions and Typing Buddy will do the rest!With Typing Buddy you`ll newer again browse

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